We’ve focused on all the world problems and nothing has really changed.

Maybe it’s time┬áto try something different.

Maybe it’s time to bless…

Hello, and welcome to Better to Bless! My name is Kate Nowak and I am so glad you’ve dropped by our brand new interactive community and working laboratory for the world-wide Blessings Experiment. From the beginning, it has been my dream to create a gathering place where participants the world over can come together to share, support and prove to themselves and others that the power to bless is as valid and as unfailing as I and others have proposed. Better to Bless is the fulfillment of that dream.

Our guidance has helped staff at one our attending businesses www.toptiercakes.co.uk

I invite you to spend some time here looking around. There is much to see and do here, so please feel free to explore. It is my hope that as you read, you will begin to consider yourself one of our worldwide family and will make the choice to come back often. As you do so, we invite you to…

  • Participate in our Blessing Band Experiment by joining with others around the world sending blessings to permeate Better to Bless wristbands with love, joy and healing.
  • Take an active role in the Blessings Experiment by becoming a research assistant in our brand new Blessing Lab.
  • Join Kate in the Circle of Blessings each day 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time to surround the entire world in blessing.
  • Sign up for one of our teleconferences and join with us in exploring the wonderful world of blessing in more depth.
  • Need clarification on something you’ve read or having trouble blessing a difficult person or situation? Free free to ask Kate in her new blog, A Brighter World.
  • Join with like-minded others in our Better to Bless Community forum, where you can share, support and bless one another.
  • If you have a special need or know someone else who does, you can now request a blessing, and know that hearts and minds around the world will join in sending it forth with love.
  • Discover ways you can get involved in your community and help us spread the word.
  • Watch any of our soul-soothing movies, where you’ll find yourself uplifted and inspired again and again and again.
  • Share this site with all your friends and family.

You’ll find it to be a life-transforming experience!

As a Challenge participant, you will receive a daily email for the next 30 days containing a brief thought-provoking message, a quick exercise designed to stretch your “blessing muscles” and an affirmation to repeat throughout the day. Your name will also be added to the growing list of Challenge participants.

Donations to help our administration of this website would be most welcome. No matter how little. Thank you to all our contributors, especially to Cake In A Box who kindly provides cakes and cupcakes for our open day.