The Challenge

There are those who would tell us

We will never fight enough wars to bring peace.
We will never feed enough hungry to end starvation.
We will never build enough living spaces to house the homeless.
We will never be outraged enough to end all atrocities.
We will never build enough jails to end crime.
And we will never make the earth green
enough to end global warming.

Maybe it’s time to choose another way.

We believe there is a higher standard of living available to all of us and that it can only be attained through the raising of consciousness. Blessing those people and circumstances around us allows us to individually and collectively raise our consciousness to a higher level. By joining forces through the gentle process of blessing, we believe we have the capability to impact the world in a powerful and amazing way.

Only in the last couple of centuries have we come to understand that no matter how it might look and feel, our world is not the solid chunk of spinning rock it appears to be. It is, instead, made up of countless little particles of energy, all vibrating together and conforming to the dictates of our collective thought patterns. What we, as the human race, have thought, we have created. Whether we now judge this collective creation as good or bad will not change it one iota. It is our judgment of it, in fact, that keeps it exactly as it is. The only way to change it is to first release it from judgment and then collectively see it as we would have it be. Blessing allows us to do just that.

A blessing is a release from any perspective that limits us. While both spirituality and science agree with Shakespeare, that nothing is either good or bad but that thinking makes it so, most of us still tend to be labelers of the people and circumstances in our life, and it is in this labeling — this judgment — that our limiting perspectives are formed. Blessing releases us from the need to label and allows us to recognize the Divine contained in everyone and everything.

A blessing is also a choice. Though we are rarely aware of it, we are continually choosing between building up and tearing down. A blessing is a conscious choice to build up by raising the person or situation in our minds to a higher vibration, a vibration that is filled with light and love and healing. When we consciously choose to bless, we choose to construct, rather than destruct. We become architects and builders of Good.

With this simple premise in mind, we invite you to join us in our efforts. Beginning today, and for each of the next 30 days, we invite you to accept our challenge.

You’ll find it to be a life-transforming experience!

As a Challenge participant, you will receive a daily email for the next 30 days containing a brief thought-provoking message, a quick exercise designed to stretch your “blessing muscles” and an affirmation to repeat throughout the day. Your name will also be added to the growing list of Challenge participants.